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What’s New

These systems use weather and evapotranspiration data to calculate how much water your landscape needs (or doesn’t need) to flourish, saving you a potential 30%-60% on water costs. In 2015 a 30% increase in metered irrigation water by the City of Calgary makes the recent innovations and newly accessible price points of these products are very timely.

Many of these smart controller systems monitor the performance or your irrigation in conjunction with a flow sensor and master valve. This aids in the detection and mitigation of catastrophic leaks and is great for adding peace of mind to a homeowner on vacation. In the event of a catastrophic leak the system would sense this and shut down the affected zone, or the whole system to prevent substantial landscape damage and wasted water. Most system will then send the homeowner and/or contractor an email to inform them of the issue.

Calgary Sprinkler Systems is happy to offer Smart Controller solutions for both our commercial and residential clients.