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When you need a sprinkler blowout call Calgary Sprinkler Systems. We have done several thousand sprinkler blowouts in the Calgary and surrounding area over the last 14 years. We service residential and commercial systems as well as acreage or farm property. We take pride in our work. You will see the same person doing your blowout year after year; no sub-contractors as in many of the other companies! You can rely on someone who will become familiar with your property.

When Calgary Sprinkler Systems performs sprinkler blowouts we use only the minimum amount of air pressure required by your particular system. We start out at low pressure and then increase as necessary to make sure all the water is out of the lines. Pipes and fitting connections can weaken with age so care has to be taken to not cause a break in the line. If sprinkler heads are old or have been damaged in some way by lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc. the chance of “blowing” a sprinkler head increases. Also keep the filters in your sprinkler heads clean; if water can’t get through properly it also increases the chance of a “geyser” when air is put through the lines.

In the fall we can turn off your sprinkler system , check each station, set the timer and do any repairs needed so it can run efficiently through the summer. We also do major repairs such as excavating and replacing main and drain valves, repair and replacement of backflow preventers, etc as weather permits.

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