Calgary Sprinklers Contest


There are three ingredients to a perfect irrigation system installation; parts, design and implementation of design. Fail to deliver on any of these three and you have a sub par installation.

Trevor Hall, the founder of the company insists on designing or approving all of CSS installations. With 15 years in the industry, 10 years running CCS, the design of your automated sprinkler system is in great hands! As a rule, we always leave the option for expandability and upgrade as your landscape could change in the future.


Installing the very best names in parts is crucial. At Calgary Sprinkler Systems we install the best; Rainbird ™ Hunter ™ and Toro ™. What most customers don’t know is that the parts that are necessary for installation are not limited to the brand name sprinkler companies. The plumbing, pipe, valve box, manifold fittings, connections, wire, wire connections and fitting clamps are all from other manufacturers! The total cost of these parts is actually greater than the sprinkler company parts. Calgary Sprinkler Systems purchases the best in all areas of parts and selects the types of parts that are necessary for a perfect system.

Implementation of Design

Our highly trained crews take care of the entire job from plumbing, to your own personal tutorial on the control panel installed in your service room. Calgary Sprinkler Systems has all of the tools, to start and finish the job in an average of 2.5 days. When we start a project, we stay until finished! We own the very best choice in machinery for your installation; a light duty vibratory plow. This highly specialized machine cuts through dirt or grass while simultaneously pulling the pipe 8 inches underground. This style of installing is crucial to keep the impact on your property to a minimum. On an existing landscape it is often impossible to tell that you have had an irrigation system installed after two weeks of recovery!

Proof of our commitment to installing the best is evident in out warranty.